He became famous when he was young and has outstanding talent. He has been selected to the national team for many times. He is a left-footed player. He started to appear at the age of 16 and was selected for the U16, U17 and U18 national football teams. He seems to be lower-key than Guo Tianyu, Liu Ruofan and others of the same age. With unlimited potential, he is the young midfielder Wu Shaocong. Now that the returnees have played for Guangzhou Evergrande, Wu Shaocong has ushered in the fast track of his career. He has completed a big explosion in 2 games this season, which left a deep impression on people. In one fell swoop, he established a rotation to play left center and left. The main position of the defender.


The first highlight game was Guangzhou Evergrande's 1-0 victory over the Dalianren. In this game, Wu Shaocong started and played the entire game. He was the left central defender and directly faced the former Premier League." "Big Mac" Long Dong, in the face of a big-name foreign aid with super-confrontational ability, Wu Shaocong had no fear and directly hit the top. With his height of 1.92 meters, he successfully restricted Long Dong's performance and helped Guangzhou Evergrande successfully eliminate Dalian people. Wu Shaocong, who has repeatedly beaten Longdong, won the MVP of the game, with a game score of 7.5 points.


The second bright match was definitely last night when Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Hebei Huaxia Fortune 3-1. Wu Shaocong came off the bench as a guest left back. In only half of the time, he proved that he was conscientious and versatile At the 64th minute of the game, he inserted a left foot and scored the goal, successfully completed the desperate rescue and led Evergrande to sound the counterattack horn. After Wu Shaocong equalized the score, Evergrande quickly opened up firepower and Wei Shihao made 2 goals to seal the victory. , After the game, Wu Shaocong again won the MVP, with the highest score of 7.3 points in the game.


Regarding Wu Shaocong’s trust, Ka Shuai bluntly said that he was moved by his professional attitude. He bluntly said that Wu Shaocong is one of the few young Evergrande players who is serious. He is very serious in training. This good professional attitude is a young man. The basic qualities of the players, and firmly believe that Wu Shaocong can establish a foothold in the Super League. Wu Shaocong is deeply loved by the coach. He is in sharp contrast with Liu Yiming, Hu Ruibao and others, which proves that the attitude of professional players is the basic, and then the performance on the field can be discussed.


The 20-year-old Wu Shaocong has already proved his strength in China. In 2018, he won the Panda Cup at the age of his national youth and became the champion star early. In March of the same year, he joined the Japanese top league team Shimizu Heartbeat. He was loaned to the secondary in July. League Kyoto Phoenix; In February 2019, he chose overseas returnees to join Guangzhou Evergrande. In March, he rented abroad to the Kyoto Phoenix Club again. In 2020, he will return to the Guangzhou Evergrande first team and will soon be activated.

20岁的吴少聪已经证明了自己在中国的实力。 2018年,他在全国青年时代赢得了熊猫杯冠军,并早日成为冠军之星。同年3月,他加入了日本顶级联赛球队清水心跳。他在七月份被借给中学。京都凤凰联盟2019年2月,亚博app他选择海外归国人员加入广州恒大。 3月,他再次租到了国外的京都凤凰俱乐部。 2020年,他将重返广州恒大一线队,并将很快被激活。

Judging from Wu Shaocong’s professional resume, he is obviously deeply influenced by the Japanese football environment. He knows how to use high professionalism to improve his shortcomings and obtain more and more stable playing time. This is significantly higher than the domestic football environment. More than one grade. Nowadays, as the star of the national champion, he has won two outbursts and won the MVP in both games. It is very inspirational. He can be said to be the hope of the national football and Evergrande. Kashuai can try to let him partner Jiang Guangtai to train for the national football Evergrande. !

从吴少聪的职业履历来看,他显然深受日本足球环境的影响。他知道如何运用高专业水准来改善自己的缺点并获得越来越稳定的比赛时间。这明显高于国内足球环境。一年级以上。如今,作为国家冠军的明星,他赢得了两次爆发,并在两场比赛中均获得了MVP。这是非常鼓舞人心的。可以说他是国家足球和恒大的希望。卡帅(Kashuai)可以尝试让他的搭档江光泰为国家恒大足球训练。 !

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