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The last Grand Slam tournament of the year, the 2020 French Open, which runs from summer to autumn, finally started the first round of competition on September 27. If there is no new crown pneumonia epidemic,


"The weather is too cold and the ball speed is too slow"


On the first day of the race, light rain was floating in the sky, and the contestants were dressed in cotton or down jackets when they came on stage, and the rare “fashion show” was staged during the race.


Shorts or short skirts and leggings have become "standard". As for the upper body, many male players choose to add a base shirt to the T-shirt, while female players have more matching flowers———— Serena, Mugu Ruza, Azarenka and others wore thick coats, Kontavit wore sports underwear outside, and Dawei added a vest on the long sleeves...


To ask who among the players is most afraid of the cold, the answer may be Azarenka, a Belarusian who has lived for a long time. As long as she is not in the game, she will wrap herself in a down jacket into a "zongzi". She and Kovinic have just played 20 times. After a few minutes, it was suspended due to rain. The match supervisor asked the players to stay on the court and wait. Azago said: "You are joking? Didn't you see what is happening now? What are you doing? I came here to play. Yes, I don’t like to be depressed, but now all of this is too outrageous. I won't wait here because I'm freezing to death. There is only 8 seconds here. I live by my side and I am used to the hot weather. "

要询问谁最怕寒冷,最好的答案是生活了很长时间的白俄罗斯人Azarenka。只要她不在游戏中,她就将自己的羽绒服包裹成“ z子”。她和科维尼奇刚出战20次。几分钟后,由于下雨而暂停。比赛主管要求球员们留在球场上等待。 Azago说:“您在开玩笑吗?您没看到现在发生了什么吗?您在做什么?我是来这里玩的。是的,我不想沮丧,但现在所有这些都太离谱了。我我不会在这里等,因为我要冻死了。这里只有8秒钟。我住在我的身边,我已经适应了炎热的天气。”

"I also asked the opponent's thoughts at the time. She told me that she didn't want to sit on the court like this, so I didn't want to continue wasting time there because it was really cold." After consulting the opponent, Aza Just take the bag and leave, "And after two hours (drizzle), the ball will become a little heavier. Will this increase the risk of injury to the player? The answer is of course yes."


It must be mentioned that the French Open used a new official ball this year, and the rainwater


After losing to the famous Japanese player Kei Nishikori in a tragic five-set game, the British brother Evans directly fired at the ball. "Maybe they made some mistakes in the selection of the ball. It is difficult to find the exact route of the ball. We played in September and October, and I think this ball is a bit too heavy for the dog to catch!"

在悲惨的五局比赛中输给日本著名球员锦织圭后,英国兄弟埃文斯直接向球开火。 “也许他们在选择球时犯了一些错误。很难找到确切的球路。我们在9月和10月打过球,我认为这个球太重了,狗无法接住!”

"Unpopular hotbed" comes with the wind


In the cold and cold boundary weather conditions, the "unpopular hotbed" attribute of the French Open has also been "activated" in advance. Since the start of the game, there have been unpopularities every day. Sometimes the three-time Grand Slam champion Kobel lost to the 19-year-old Slovenian teenager Yuvan, the women’s singles 9th seed Conta lost 0-2 to 16-year-old star Goff, and the men’s singles 11th seed Goffin Tundan lost to Cinna, Churic lost to Gombos, ranked 106th, and De Minar lost to Cecinado, ranked 110th...

在寒冷和寒冷的边界天气条件下,法国公开赛的“不受欢迎的温床”属性也已提前“激活”。自游戏开始以来,每天都有不受欢迎的人。有时,三届大满贯冠军科贝尔(Kobel)输给了19岁的斯洛文尼亚少年尤文(Yuvan),女子单打第9号种子孔塔(Conta)输掉了0-2比16岁的球星高夫(Goff),男子单打11号种子高芬(Goffin Tundan)输给Cinna,Churic输给Gombos,排名第106,De Minar输给Cecinado,排亚博app名第110 ...

However, some upsets can be said to be "unexpected and reasonable." In terms of rankings, the biggest upset comes from No. 4 seed Medvedev. He has never defeated his terror before losing in the first round. But in fact, the "Prime Minister" has never been good at clay court. He has been four consecutive years. Encountered a "round trip" at the French Open.


No. 9 seed Aliasim lost 0 to No. 8 seed Monfils at home and lost 1 to 3 against Bubrick, unpopular? It is hard to find a victory in the three races that the French star will participate in after a game, and the state is worrying. 3 Completely defeated by Japanese player Ryoshi Nishioka, unpopular? After all, the former only won three consecutive clay court events.

9号种子Aliasim在主场以0比8的种子Monfils输了,对Bubrick输了1比3,不受欢迎?很难找到这位法国球星在一场比赛后将参加的三场比赛中的胜利,而且国家对此感到担忧。 3不受欢迎的日本选手西冈良史击败了?毕竟,前者仅连续三届赢得红土比赛。

Unlike other players against the cold weather, Zhang Shuai said that he enjoyed the game very much, “Paris in autumn is very beautiful, and it is hard to come here. I still enjoy this game very much. I felt so happy when I walked to the 7th stadium. I’m so excited, I’ve never been so eager to play, this feeling is very special."


No. 3 seed Tim continued to perform strongly after winning the U.S. Open, beating Cilic 3-0 to advance to the second round. Tim said that he was very comfortable with the cold weather. "I like the conditions here because I know how to play in such cold weather. When I started playing the Hope Game as a teenager, the temperature was about 10 seconds. Around 15 minutes. I like the time when the ball speed is not very fast so that I have more time to hit more goals on my baseline. When I first came here this year, I felt good."

3号种子蒂姆(Tim)在赢得美国公开赛后继续表现出色,以3-0击败西里奇(Cicic)晋级第二轮。蒂姆说,他对寒冷的天气非常满意。 “我喜欢这里的条件,因为我知道如何在寒冷的天气下比赛。当我十几岁开始玩希望游戏时,温度大约是10秒。大约15分钟。我喜欢球速不太快的时间速度很快,因此我有更多时间在基线上实现更多目标。今年我第一次来到这里时,感觉很好。”

The weather forecast shows that rainy weather will continue in Paris for at least the next 10 days. Players who are afraid of the cold can only adjust forward to adapt, and even have to prepare for the shivering competition.


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