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Although James has many fans all over the world, he also has countless blacks. And because of his own traffic attributes, many people also try to get some heat from him. No, UFC player Colby Covington One time was not enough, and again to rub James' heat.

尽管詹姆斯在全世界有很多球迷,但他也有无数黑人。而且由于他自己的交通属性,许多人还试图从他身上得到一些热量。不,UFC球员科尔比·科温顿(Colby Covington)一次还不够,又一次要擦擦詹姆斯的热情。

   Covington’s career record is currently 15 wins and 1 loss. It is reasonable to be a good fighter, but he obviously feels that his current heat is not enough at all, so he started to go the wrong way. As early as September, he had sprayed James on TV shows.


"I want to dedicate this game to all front-line personnel, all soldiers. It is you who guarantee our safety, not those'sober athletes.' Not those cowards without spine like LeBron James." I have to say , These words not only made James fans angry, but also made James faceless.


However, James’ popularity in the league is well-known, and there are several NBA players who made his mark immediately, including the young handsome who has not been seen for a long time. Years of experience in surfing on the Internet have allowed him to master the highest skills of spraying people. ——Yin and Yang Weird. He didn't say anything extreme, but said lightly: "Who is he?"

但是,詹姆斯在联盟中的知名度众所周知,并且有几位NBA球员立即成为了他的印记,其中包括很久没有出现的年轻英俊。多年的网上冲浪经验使他掌握了为人喷水的最高技能。 -阴阳怪异。他没有说任何极端的话,但轻声说:“他是谁?”

   I still remember the DISS between Afojack and Eminem a few years ago. When Eminem faced Afojack’s DISS, he just replied "Who", but it was so murderous and became the most powerful Diss back in the hip-hop circle. Xiaoshuai is really similar this time.


But this Covington is obviously not dead. Recently, he posted a video on social media PO. In the video, the T-shirt he was wearing was printed with the words "FUCK LEBRON" and said in a strange way: "Congratulations Lebron Brown created the NBA Finals with the lowest ratings in history. Perhaps you can blame the epidemic, but in fact everyone is tired of you. The NBA has fallen, and the UFC is now gaining momentum!"

但是这个卡温顿显然还没有死。最近,他在社交媒体PO上发布了一个视频。在视频中,他穿着的T恤上印有“ FUCK LEBRON”字样,并以一种奇怪的方式说道:“恭喜勒布朗·布朗创造了历史上收视率最低的NBA总决赛。也许您可以指责这种流行病,但是实际上,每个人都对您感到厌倦。NBA垮台了,UFC现在正在发展!”

   Why does he keep holding on to James? There are three reasons:


   One, James once responded to the Bucks in the BLM sport to strike, and some whites don’t like to see blacks go on a strike because of the “black life”.


  Second, Covington is a supporter of Trump and the Republican Party, and James has criticized Trump many times, and has maintained a neutral and objective attitude towards the Morey incident, so Covington is called a coward.


  3. The UFC and the NBA are in a competitive relationship. The UFC will naturally benefit from the decline of the NBA, and James, as the face of the NBA, has become the object of his attack.

3. UFC和NBA处于竞争关系。 UFC将自然受益于NBA的衰落,而詹姆斯(James)作为NBA的面孔已成为他进攻的对象。

   But competitive sports, strength speaks, in their respective fields, Covington is not qualified to compete with James. Currently James has not responded, which is correct. If James responds, Covington's goal has been achieved. And Xiao Shuai also stood up this time, and returned to the spray again: "Who is this person?"


   In fact, the players are far less incompatible than the fans think. Maybe it is only to the extent that Thomas and Jordan can stay in touch with each other. Most players are sympathetic. As for Covington, I just want to say don't rub, and train and improve yourself honestly!








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