The 2019-20 season is another season in which both Messi and Ronaldo have declined. The Barcelona season where Messi is in all four seasons, the Champions League semi-final two rounds of the year 0:7 was washed by Bayern's old hatred, and added 2:8 new hatred, Messi only won the La Liga Golden Shoe honor. Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus was beaten to 16 Lang in the Champions League. Serie A won the championship with a slight advantage and did not even get a golden boot.

2019-20赛季是梅西和罗纳尔多都下降的另一个赛季。梅西在所有四个赛季中所在的巴塞罗那赛季,欧洲冠军联赛半决赛两轮0:7都被拜仁的旧仇恨洗劫了,并增加了2:8的新仇恨,梅西只获得了西甲金靴奖。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)的尤文图斯(Juventus)在冠军联赛中被击败至16朗。意甲以微弱优势赢得了冠军,甚至没有获得金靴奖。

The 2019-20 season is a season for Bayern. It won the Bundesliga, German Cup, and the Champions League triple crown, and added the European Super Cup and German Super Cup to complete the five crowns.


The 2019-20 season is Lewandowski's season. Recalling the first two seasons, Lewandt either watched Bayern being eliminated by Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals, or was beaten by Liverpool to sixteen francs. Not renewing the contract with Pinnacle Dortmund to switch to Bayern, is to go for the Champions League. After years of hopelessness, the Polish center is also seeking the last chance to join Real Madrid, but Bayern will not let go.


It is right not to go to Real Madrid. The Bundesliga Golden Boots and the Champions League Golden Boots will win the Triple Crown first and then the fifth crown with the team. If this year’s World Footballer and the Golden Globe Awards are normally awarded, Lewandg beat Messi and Ronaldo. There is not much controversy.


But for Bayern, there is still a common topic, which is to find a successor for Lewand, or substitute or rotate candidates. There have been scandals with powerful centers such as Werner and Harland before, but there has been no follow-up.


Lewand is 32 years old. At this age, most centers will decline from their peak state. Just look at Cavani, Suarez, and Aguero. Not every center is as old as Ibrahimovic.


However, there are more Bayern players, and the more they buy more are the wingers. Before the summer window closed, if it weren't for Chelsea's too much demand, Odoi might have been signed.


At the last moment, Bayern signed the free former Paris center Shupo Morting. This person is 191cm tall and weighs 82kg. He is a powerful striker who can shoot sharply. He is typically black and hard. He is bigger than Lewand, who is only 184cm tall as the center, and 5cm shorter than the German midfielder Havertz.


Can Shupo Morting succeed Lewand? Looking at the age, he is less than half a year younger than Lewand.

Shupo Morting可以取代Lewand吗?从年龄来看,他比勒万德还年轻不到半年。

This person is also a strange person, that is, his career transfer fee is 0, and he has never let the new owner spend a penny when signing him. From Hamburg to Mainz, to Schalke 04, to Stoke, to Paris, and now Bayern, they all joined freely. If he leaves the team next summer, the new club does not need to spend transfer fees, because his contract with Bayern is only one year.


Bayern’s former player Kirchhoff is very optimistic about Bayern’s signing of Schuber Morting, “For Bayern, this signing is of great significance. There may be no miracles with Schuber, but everyone who has worked with him knows. He has very good qualities. Although he has never received outstanding data, it does not mean that he is inferior to others as a player."

拜仁前球员基尔霍夫(Kirchhoff)对拜仁签定舒伯·莫丁(Schuber Morting)表示非常乐观,“对于拜仁而言,这一签约意义重大。舒伯也许没有奇迹,但与他合作的每个人都知道。他素质很高。尽管他从未收到过出色的数据,但这并不意味着他在球员方面不如其他人。”

Kirchhoff spoke highly of Schuber Morting: "Schuber has many incredible things. He is fast, understands the game, has good ball handling and dribbling, and has excellent skills. He and Lewan or Yi The only difference between this kind of player is the lack of stability."


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