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Netease Sports reported on October 11:


The Miami Heat saved a match point in the Finals, Los Angeles on the 12th


Green missed an open three-pointer and Morris then made a pass error. The Lakers missed the chance to kill their opponents in Game 5. They lost 108-111 and the finals total score became 2-3. For the Lakers, they must strive to rebound in the sixth game, strive to win the championship, and get the 17th championship in team history.


The two leaders had a very good performance in the 5th game. They brought the team a great help. In the 6th game, they must try to continue their dominance to lead the team. Zhan Mei is currently injured, which may be the biggest hidden danger for the Lakers. LeBron suffered from groin pain, while Davis suffered a right heel contusion. He was also listed as a possible absence, but the two leaders are highly likely to continue to appear. LeBron scored 40 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists in the last game. He should show stronger dominance in the game and put more pressure on the Heat's defense. Davis's role on both ends of the offense and defense is very obvious, he will continue to put pressure on the Heat inside.


For the Lakers, what they need most is the ability of role players to play and bring strong support to Zhan Mei. Popper performed well in Game 5, he must try to keep his hand feeling and seize the open shot from beyond the three-point line. Kuzma, Morris and others on the bench failed to bring their due contributions to the team in the fifth game, especially Kuzma’s performance was a bit disappointing. He needs to be more decisive on the offensive end and reduce his problems. The necessary dribble. If Kuzma, Morris and Green can find the feel of the projection, this will ease the pressure on Jambrow. Rondo should also pay attention to his personal offensive choices and strive for better performance. Howard has to play more calmly inside and play a role in rebounding and inside defense.


On defense, the Lakers must work hard to limit the Heat’s offense, especially to put pressure on Herro and Robinson, and to reduce unnecessary fouls. Compared with their opponents, the Lakers must show greater defensive pressure from the start of the game. In terms of lineup rotation, the Lakers have rotated nine players in the past few games. Players should consume better physical energy than their opponents, and they should work harder to catch up.


The Heat saved a match point in Game 5. They chased the total score to 2-3. In Game 6, the Heat wanted to continue their counterattack, and they strived to win another game to drag the finals into a battle of life and death. Butler sent a triple-double of 35 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists in Game 5, especially when the Lakers fouled consecutively at critical moments. He made a great contribution to the team's victory. For Butler, what he has to do is to continue this play and continue to drive the team with overall performance.


Robinson became Butler's best helper in Game 5. He scored 26 points and 5 rebounds, and shot very decisively outside the three-point line. Butler predicts that Robinson will become the team's winning hero in the sixth game, and he is expected to deliver a good performance again. However, the Lakers will definitely put more pressure on Robinson on the defensive end, and he has to try to keep the touch to help the team. The Heat also need other players to play a role on the offensive end. People like Herro, Nunn, Claude and others can seize the open opportunities and bring strong fire support to the team. Adebayor needs to play well in the paint, especially at the offensive and defensive ends. He wants to create more trouble for the Lakers inside.


The Heat's defense focuses on LeBron and Davis. At the same time, they pay attention to blocking LeBron's passing route and try not to give him the opportunity to drive the team. They will definitely use the same defensive strategy to limit James. The desperate Heat shot very resolutely in the fifth game. Robinson, Nunn and others played decisively on the offensive end, and they must work hard to continue this state.


The Lakers swept the Heat 2-0 in the regular season this season. The Lakers won 95-80 at home, and then went to Miami where they narrowly won 113-110. This year is the first time the two teams have met in the finals. In the first four games of the Finals, the Lakers led 3-1, and the Heat saved the match point to 2-3 in Game 5. In the history of the Finals, the Cavaliers led by LeBron have reversed the 1-3 trail, and the Heat are still one win away from tying the total score.


Expected starting lineups for both sides:


Lakers: Pope, Green, LeBron, Davis, Howard


Heat: Herro, Robinson, Butler, Claude, Adebayor


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