亚博app-F1| 格罗斯让承认将与标志车队接触 或参加WEC


  According to a report from Motorsports, French driver Grosjean admitted that he would be in contact with the French flag team. After the WEC reforms, the French car manufacturer logo will participate in the new Hypercars category event.

根据赛车运动的一份报告,法国车手格罗斯让(Grosjean)承认他将与法国国旗队保持联系。 WEC改革后,法国汽车制造商徽标将参加新的Hypercars类别亚博app安全有保障活动。

   Grosjean has expressed this year that he hopes to try the racing field that he is "very interested in". "We will be in touch at some point in the future. I am very interested in this project. Of course, this is a great project. I hope that with Hypercars, more manufacturers can enter the WEC and the Endurance Grand Prix will also open a golden period. ."

格罗斯让今年曾表示,他希望尝试自己“非常感兴趣”的赛车领域。 “我们将在将来的某个时刻与我们联系。我对这个项目非常感兴趣。当然,这是一个伟大的项目。我希望有了Hypercars,更多的制亚博app造商可以加入WEC,而Endurance大亚博app安全有保障奖赛也将开幕黄金时期。”

   When asked about his future recently, Grosjean has always said that he is looking for alternatives to F1, which may mean that the French driver's career in F1 is coming to an end.




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