亚博app_丢球多?兰帕德:我们是被射门第二少的球队 吉尔摩3-4周回归


At 03:00 on October 21st, Beijing time, in the first round of the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League group stage, Chelsea will host Sevilla at home. Blues marshal Lampard confirmed in the pre-match press conference that Gilmore will return in 3-4 weeks. Speaking of the number of goals the team has conceded, he said that the team is second only to Manchester City in the Premier League and has the second lowest number of shots.


"From the perspective of our own team, I think the preparations are not enough. For each team, there are their own reasons, but we need to care more about ourselves.:


"Since I took office, our Premier League is the team with the second lowest number of shots after Manchester City. But when we analyze our conceded goals, we will realize this. We did it when we introduced players. Aware of these issues, we will prepare the players when we are on the court. Like all other teams, we also hope to lose fewer goals."


"Gilmore is recovering very well. He may need 3-4 weeks to return. He is now receiving rehabilitation training from a physical therapist. We hope that he will be able to train with U21 players in the near future. Gilmore May return to the game after the next international match day, everything is fine."

“ Gilmore恢复得很好。他可能需要3-4周的时间才能回来。他现在正在接受理疗师的康复训练。我们希望他能够在不久的将来与U21运动员一起训练。GilmoreMay可以回到在下一个国际比赛日比赛结束后,一切都很好。”

"Van Dyke is a very good player and I hope he will recover soon."


"Seville will bring us different challenges, but we will stick to our style of play so that we can achieve positive results. Maintaining focus and discipline is even more important when facing opponents like Seville. ."


"This is a good platform for learning. We face Bayern and do our best. We are a young team. This is a good experience for us."


"I would still say that our team still needs time to run in. We have a lot of new players. This is understandable. There are a lot of things we need to learn. We want to lose fewer goals. This is what the whole team is trying to do. Thing."


No one commented, but quiet


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网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

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