Original title: The mentality bursts and typing admits defeat! S10's first "surrender team" was born, and LGD's C group seats were stabilized

原标题:心态破裂,打字承认失败! S10的第一个“投降团队”诞生了,LGD的C组座位稳定了

Foreword: Everyone must have watched the World Championship BO5 on September 29th. Under the expectations, LGD completed self-salvation and successfully defeated R7, which defeated itself in the single round robin, and completed the first BO5 breakthrough. LGD will face the second BO5 that determines the fate. LGD will face the second LGC of Group A. However, this game against LGC has not yet started. Many spectators said that the group stage seats have been stabilized. During the S10 World Championship, the first "surrender team" was LGC.

前言:每个人都必须看过9月29日举行的世界锦标赛BO5。在期望的范围内,LGD完成了自我救赎并成功击败了R7,后者在单次循环赛中击败了自己,并完成了BO5的首次突破。 LGD将面对决定亚博app安全有保障命运的第二个BO5。 LGD将面对A组的第二个LGC。但是,与LGC的这场比赛尚未开始。许多观众说,小组赛的座位已经稳定下来。在S10世界冠军赛期间,第一支“投降队”是LGC。

LGC can be ranked second in the group, naturally it is not a weak group. In the previous single round robin, LGC also defeated many strong enemies, and even led TL in the single round robin and ranked first in the group, but it was in the last round. In the duel with TL, the LGC player’s mentality problem completely broke out. The top laner Topoon directly opened the air dialogue after 19 minutes on the opposite side and broke through the high ground. Typing said GG, mid-tweet, and I thought the last air dialogue was still from happiness. P's classic 1v1, and Topoon's typing, but not so optimistic.

LGC可以在小组中排名第二,这自然不是一个弱者。在上一个单轮循环赛中,LGC还击败了许多强大的敌人,甚至在单轮循环赛中领先TL并在小组赛中排名第一,但在最后一轮中。在与TL的决斗中,LGC玩家的心理问题彻底爆发了。最佳车手Topoon在对面的19分钟后直接打开了空中对话,冲破了高地。 GG在推文中打字说,我以为最后一次空中对话仍然来自幸福。 P的经典1v1和Topoon的打字方式,但并不那么乐观。

After Topoon players had a huge advantage in TL, their mentality exploded. Under the lens, everyone can already see that Topoon's face is not good, and he hasn't even communicated with his teammates for a long time. To apply our LPL bible, this person is obviously mental Problem. After the opponent pushed to the high ground, Topoon directly let go of his dignity as a professional player, initiated a surrender, and played on the public screen: "gg open mid", which is what we often say "don't play, middle" Push it. "Many people think he is doing program effects, but players who watched the game know that the mentality of this top laner is very poor, and during the rest of the game, he did not play very bright operations.

在Topoon玩家在TL上拥有巨大优势之后,他们的心态开始爆发。在镜头下,每个人都已经可以看到Topoon的脸不好,甚至很长一段时间都没有与队友交流。要应用我们的LPL圣经,这个人显然是精神问题。在对手推向高潮之后,Topoon直接放弃了他作为职业选手的尊严,发起了投降,并在公共屏幕上播放:“ gg open mid”,这就是我们常说的“不玩,中间”推。 “很多人认为他在做程序效果,但是观看比赛的球员知道,这位顶尖上篮手的心亚博app态很差,在比赛的其余时间里,他的表现并不出亚博app安全有保障色。



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