Original title: Pjanic partnered with Messi to talk about Ronaldo: He is sorry, but happy for me to join Barcelona!


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Before the end of last season, Barcelona and Juventus based on strategic planning, exchanged Artur and Pjanic. "New Harvey" Artur originally had a dream of Ersa, Pjanic used to support Ronaldo more than Messi, but now they have to embark on another life. However, it seems that both Artur and Pjanic are very well integrated into the roles. Artur just came into contact with Cristiano Ronaldo and immediately showed all kinds of favors, and Pjanic also very interestingly said that Messi is the first person in history. .

在上赛季末之前,巴塞罗那和尤文图斯根据战略规划,交换了阿图尔和潘贾尼克。 “新哈维”阿图尔原本是梦见艾尔莎,但潘杰尼克曾经比梅西更支持罗纳尔多,但现在他们不得不走上另一种生活。但是,看来Artur和Pjanic都很好地融入了这些角色。阿图尔刚与克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)接触并立即表现出各种恩宠,而潘雅尼克(Pjanic)也非常有趣地表示,梅西是历史上的第一人。 。

Although both Artur and Pjanic praised the new boss, it does not mean that they are going to turn to their predecessors. Artur has not been asked whether Messi or Ronaldo is better, and his respect for Messi will not give too outrageous answers. And Barcelona’s new No. 8 Pjanic has already been watched by the media, and he has begun to routinely follow him, the subject of course is Messi and Ronaldo.


Recently, the Spanish media "World Sport" and "Daily Sport" jointly interviewed Pjanic, including Messi and Ronaldo. For Messi, Pjanic is of course highly praised. In addition to the public statement that Messi is the first person in history and an alien, Pjanic also described Messi’s greatness and greatness more specifically, such as "I feel like passing the ball to Messi and when Messi takes the ball. What will definitely happen afterwards".


Next is Ronaldo. Although Pjanic believes that Messi is the first man in history, he also said that Ronaldo is equally great. He also added the other two former teammates Totti and Buffon, thinking that these super giants are very unique, each has a long peak period and is very dedicated to work, and is a role model for the team. When asked what Ronaldo thinks about joining the team of his rival Messi, Pjanic said that Ronaldo regrets his departure, but he is also happy for this player to join a great team like Barcelona. Ronaldo also played with Pjanickop and played very well in Spain.


This is probably the relationship between Messi and Ronaldo at this stage. They are both experiencing the final peak of their careers. In the UEFA Player of the Year candidates announced on September 23, last season's team glory and personal performance were not as good as before Messi and Ronaldo missed the big list for the first time in ten years. In theory, Messi and Ronaldo can return next year, but there will only be more and more missing the best candidates like this. Regardless of whether Messi stays in La Liga or goes to the Premier League, there is no direct competition with Cristiano Ronaldo who is challenging in Serie A, so they respect each other more than competition and are naturally friendly.


Both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have put their retirement on the agenda, and their current team is a bit far from the highest glory Champions League champions, and individuals do not have much advantage in competing for the Golden Globes. Therefore, fans should appreciate the final peak of Messi and Ronaldo, they will retire in a few years.

梅西(Mess)和克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)都已将其退休提上了议事日程,而他们目前的球队离冠军联赛冠军的最高荣誉还有点距离,个人在争夺金球奖方面没有太多优势。因此,球迷们应该欣赏梅西和罗纳尔多的巅峰之作,他们将在几年内退休。



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